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When children remember!

In the book “Babies Are Cosmic, Signs of Their Secret Intelligence” Elizabeth and Neil Carman, PhD, study and give evidence of babies' and children's amazing awareness, extraordinary memories, and advanced abilities. The following are some extracts that are shared online:

Jaime: My 2-year-old Margaret daughter says that she is going to run away when she gets mad.

“Run away where?” I asked.


“But you are home.”

“No, this is not home! Home is far, far away.”

Last night, before going to bed, my spouse was talking about meteorites. He was shocked when Margaret said: “Ah, from Space—where I come from.” At other times, Margaret talked about flying saucers and Mars, Saturn, planets, the Moon, and the Sun.

Janet: My 7–year-old son Zak is exceptionally verbal and has been verbal from an early age. He spoke of past lives and of being in Heaven before he was born. Jesus was in heaven with him. He has been curious since age 3 about whether Jesus has feet or not. We finally told him, “Yes” after trying to avoid the question. Zak told me why he wanted to know. He said, “When I was in heaven, if you wanted Jesus, He would just be there. He would appear and you never saw him walk up to you.”

4-year-old Renate: “Auntie, I should have come to you. I was with lots of people a long way from earth, in heaven. Suddenly an old man came and called out, ‘Go Renate, you have to go down now!’ I was whirled around the earth in all directions so incredibly fast. I passed by your window, but I could not get in. So I flew further, and Mummy’s window was open, and I could get in there. So I came to Mummy, but actually I should have come to you!”

Cindy: While it may be easy to dismiss these as childish fantasies, when my son was about 3.5, he told me, “Before I was born, I was in the clouds with God, and God told me to choose my Mommy. I looked down and saw you, and I knew you would be the very best Mommy for me, so I picked you. I love you, Mommy."

It chilled me to my bones; gave me instantaneous goosebumps. We were not religious, and this little person BELIEVED what he was saying; said it several times thereafter. I believed him as well. Still do.


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