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QuantEssence is a transpersonal approach that I developed using my inner knowledge and my experience in personal and spiritual development.


I was inspired to join the word Quanta (Light) to Quintessence (Love) (read in blog); the main componants of the Self. Quintessence is also life force or the fifth element as known by alchemists (see symbol above and read in the Blog).



This method aims at spiritual alignment i.e. the merging of Spirit's wisdom, love and creative power with the individual personality.

In other words, it allows the expansion of self-awareness and the conscious integration of the eternal and universal essence.




QuantEssence helps you in your spiritual quest to have an understanding of the functioning of the Universe which opens many doors and shows you that you are the actor of your life and that you can master your energy in a constructive way.

It helps you to recognize your inner power and be in harmony with who you are.





QuantEssence is an inner journey that helps you to remember your inner and multidimensional self and to listen to its messages.

You will be guided to move beyond beliefs, perceptions and whatever is no longer needed in order to move forward and stay in clear connection with your inner being.

Aknowledging your dual experiences; light and shadow, allows you to stay in the center, in your inner power and wisdom in order to make better choices in life.





By changing your perspective and expanding your consciousness, you can open yourself up to unconditional love and the many opportunities that life has to offer.

Connecting to your authentic self helps you have inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and overall well-being.

And being in harmony with yourself and with life allows you to use your natural potential and live in abundance.




QuantEssence method is globally based on spiritual guidance (which involves communication with the inner, spiritual and multidimensional Self through the clair-senses), as well as, spiritual alchemy (transformation of energy and integration of the spiritual self) and neuroplasticity (creation of new paths and possibilities and expansion of consciousness).

QuantEssence can help to:

  • discover oneself and raise one's consciousness 

  • connect with the Inner Self or Oneness Consciousness

  • embody love, creative power, and wisdom

  • restore the Inner Tinity (feminine - child - masculine)

  • balance the energy and activate the light body

  • reinforce the extrasensory perceptions

  • listen to the inner voice in daily life 

  • live one's life consciously and in abundance

  • develop spiritual autonomy 



Your intention and motivation to improve your life are key! 





"In each of us there is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves."

                                            Carl Gustav Jung

If you wish to do the QuantEssence training, click here.

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