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Spiritual Alignment - Harmony

The Spiritual Alignment - Harmony workshop allows you to become more aligned with your essence, that is to say with the higher consciousness, the creative power and unconditional love of Spirit.


It will give you the tools to raise your consciousness in order to achieve inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and maintain lifeforce and overall well-being.

It will also enable you to have a higher intelligence and a sense of connection to all, in order to live in harmony with yourself and others.


We are finally free to live in a state of personal and collective harmony, hence the importance of spiritual alignment.

Universal Consciousness / Spirit is currently transmuting all old creations and sending new information where only harmony can exist.

All that is old is no longer necessary, not even to learn from it. It has been experienced and is no longer relevant. We are invited to return to our nature and make a new start.


The new harmonious universal creation is about connecting new unique life forms to form a harmonious unity. It is not about losing the individual uniqueness, but about letting these different parts coexist and cooperate in harmony.


Harmony is a state of agreement, cooperation or peace and a coherent, orderly or pleasant arrangement between the parts. Disharmony occurs when we are not in tune with life, and with our true nature. In fact, harmony is a manifestation of love.

And oneness is the unity of purpose or intention that results in harmony or harmonious creation.


We are awakening to our inner harmony and begining to recreate outer harmony, and spiritual alignment allows this.

So let's set an example by embodying harmony and manifesting it in all its forms.

Practical Information


A weekend from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. (UTC/GMT +02:00)

  - Upcoming dates: 

  • October 5 & 6, 2024 (in french)

- On line : via the web conferencing interface Zoom

- Price : 277 euros

To register for the Spiritual Alignment workshop in English, please contact me by email. 

Sacred Trinity 

The Sacred Trinity workshop allows you to understand and align yourself with the essence, with Spirit, in order to live a harmonious life.

The Trinity represents the three essential elements of being.

Becoming aware of our Sacred Trinity makes us quickly understand that we cannot function independently of any of the three elements. The current energy pushes us to function with the integrity of our Trinity. 

Being in alignment with our Sacred Trinity causes us to filter out and repel anything that is not in alignment with its wholeness and with what we least deserve as divine beings.

The Sacred Trinity is an alchemical key and the basis of all holistic healing modalities. It is one of the oldest spiritual teachings and tools that has been known and used in all ancient cultures such as Lemuria and Ancient Egypt as well as in mystery schools. The origin of this knowledge comes from the mother civilization of humanity in Sirius, as Sirius is the gateway between the Earth and the higher dimensions.


In this workshop you will:


  • discover the Sacred Trinity and understand spiritual alignment

  • have a quantum session of the Trinity and learn to do self-guidance

Practical information


- Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (UTC/GMT +02:00)

  - Upcoming dates: to be determined

- Online: via the web conferencing interface Zoom

- Price: 170 euros

To register for the Sacred Trinity workshop in English, please contact me by email. 


If you are empathetic, intuitive, Indigo, Earth Angel, Starseed, or Volunteer and you find it difficult to manage your extrasensory abilities, to use your inner power and to take your place as a healer, a guide, a shaman, an alchemist, a teacher, a person who brings transformation, new ideas, new way of living in harmony, and who brings light, love and peace to this world, I propose to you my Starseed workshop (in french).


This workshop is based on love alchemy and the alignment with the Inner self so that you can discover more of your abilities, have confidence and take your natural place in co-creating a new world, a new Earth!


I would be very happy to guide you to release the magic within you so that you can put it into action, for the light is not as effective as when it is recognized, expressed and given form.


Themes to work on:


  • Inner power and spiritual alignment

  • Extrasensory perceptions - how to use and manage them

  • Removing blockages

  • Finding your own tool and starting your professional activity




Practical information


- Weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (UTC/GMT +02:00)


  - Upcoming dates: to be determined 

- Online: via the web conferencing interface Zoom

- Price: 277 euros


To register for the Starseed workshop in English, please contact me by email. 

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