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You can find more of the information shared in the videos, in the Blog.

Soin quantique QuantEssence

In English: interview about my vision of quantum healing and my method QuantEssence

Video in French: Mathis, 22, shares his experience with quantum healing sessions and how they have helped him in his daily life to live with serenity and grace and a conscious connection with his multidimentional soul. He also describes how he experienced the sacred trinity during his QuantEssence session, as well as, the activation of the light body (or merkaba) (read in french blog), and the New Earth.

He had no prior knowledge of these concepts. And so, his experience confirms the knowledge that I have received and that I share about the sacred trinity and the New Earth.

The New Earth is a vibratory state of harmony, joy and abundance that we establish by knowing that we are eternal powerful creators made of love. It is reached also by uniting the spiritual and the physical, activating the merkaba, or by integrating and respecting our sacred trinity; our divine masculine, feminine and child.

The new human being on Earth is a being of light in the physical world that is the product of the unity of the masculine and feminine aspects of the self; it is the inner sun or the magic child! Mathis is an example of the new human and the new consciousness on Earth.

Video in French: Mathis talks about the information he received following his QuantEssence session (watch the previous video) and we briefly explain the origin and future of the human experience, starting from the Lemurian extraterrestrial and the Inner Earth to the New Earth, confirming the information received during other quantum sessions and my personal knowledge.


Video in French: In this interview with Marie and Juliette, two lovely QuantEssence practitioners, I share my vision of the unified state of being, peace, and new consciousness.

Video in French: In this interview with Stephane on Gaia Meditation, I explain how to attain Oneness Consciousness by being in the three natural states of consciousness, our sacred trinity consciousness, and by uniting our dual human nature through working with the seven principles of creation.

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