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Unity, individuality... the different planes and balance...

The astral plane is considered to be a plane of lucid dreaming for souls. It’s where the soul is able to exercise all its desires. This is part of the creative plane, for to dream is to create. As energy vibrates more rapidly than that of the material plane, manifestation is instantaneous.

Awakening on the physical plane is a state similar to that of lucid dreaming, meaning you’re awake in a dream.

However, in oneness state, in the essential spiritual plane, there’s no dreaming. There are neither ethereal forms, nor thought forms, there’s only existence, a presence as one.

This state can not be lived permanently on the creation plane because you exist in a defined form, as an individual. But you can birth the meaning and express this sense of oneness by living in harmony with yourself and all other forms of creation. And this is called love.

Individuality is the experience of freedom, the freedom of being unique.

Hence the importance of balancing love and freedom, the sense of oneness and the sense of individuality.

In other words, spirituality and materialism should go hand in hand in our present experience. Wanting to be only on the spiritual realms or only in the material world are both extremes or polarities that we oscillate between until we reach the center or balance.

The sense of spiritual unity as well as constructive astral information should be brought into matter and not only lived on their respective dimensions. They should be lived throughout individualisation.

For instance, when one receives spiritual impulses through the higher energy center as clair-cogitation, these have to descend all the way to the will power or life center in order to be acted upon and be given form.

Living is loving…


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