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A human evolution

The configuration of the being is different in Atlantis than our timeline.

The astral body is more prominent than the physical whose density is lesser than ours. The separation between the astral and physical isn’t there in the way it is in us.

In Atlantis, when people open their eyes in the morning, for example, they don’t see sharp material forms, they don’t see defined lines but hazy images like at night since their astral and physical bodies stay unified. That also permitted a conscious link with the spiritual realm.

In our case, there’s a sharp separation between the astral and physical, « the unconscious and the conscious » and that’s why we see objects as solidified. Spirit wants to experience form through density which means very focalized consciousness.

A process was needed to prepare the body for that and now the body is more ready than before to let Spirit live through it as it’s supposed to….

Many of today’s quantum sessions talk about this. Spirit is calling humans to surrender to it completely and be the vessel of light.

In other words, we need to see Spirit in matter.


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