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The Subconscious - Your magic toolbox!

While the subconscious mind is commonly defined as the unconscious part of the brain which stores memories and controls both involuntary and voluntary actions, it has proven to have a much broader “non-physical” aspect that makes it more than just a part of the human body and a wonderful magic toolbox!

Just like Consciousness, the subconscious does not reside in the human body.

On the spiritual level, the subconscious can be considered as the Soul’s memory. It is the Universal womb or the “Subconscious” part of the Universal Consciousness where all creation exists in the form of information or data. In quantum terms, it is the unified field.

Hence, developing an intimate and conscious connection with the Subconscious enables access to the infinite database, the dark space where all information is ever stored.

As a matter of fact, accessing the Subconscious is a reconnection to the essence, to the Inner Universe of all possibilities from which the outer physical Universe develops.

In general, when a specific creation takes place, information stored in the Subconscious is used by the Creator Conscious Mind as building blocks. Data is used from the infinite possible to create different and unique expressions.

An expression does not stay fixed in its existing form. It is modified according to the needs or the objective of this creation, knowing that the ultimate objective is experimental and for self-discovery.

It also changes and expands with each experience, which enriches the initial reservoir of information.

In our composition as human beings, the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg where the rest of the iceberg is the Subconscious or the background of which the human consciousness is not usually aware.

That’s why becoming aware of it, helps the human mind to become a conscious creator mind and opens the horizons to the unlimited.

As said earlier, an expression or creation does not necessarily stay fixed in its existing form.

In our case, changes begin with our background framework. This takes place through deactivating or activating “memories” found in the subconscious. Memories or information never get deleted, they are ever-existing in the infinite and eternal database.

What happens is every time, let’s say, the Creator consciousness or the Soul of the person turns to a different chapter or starts looking at another storyline in the infinite book of the universal library (unified field), new information or memories get activated in the subconscious.

To explain this in a simplistic way, we’ll consider that the Conscious Creator mind is the eye or the observer who by looking at a specific dot in dark matter will make this dot visible and alive. The dot is already full of data or potential, but light or consciousness was needed to make this data active. Active data means life is “created”, although it was eternally there in an invisible form. (Time is not a factor at this level of Consciousness, and everything just IS.)

This can also be similar to watching old movies.

In order to watch an old movie, a movie projector is used to display motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen. The projector (in that case, the Creator mind / Consciousness) adds light to the dark film strip which consists of invisible static photographs (the Universal Subconscious mind / dark matter), making them visible on the screen as a movie (the human or any other life).

That’s why we say that the purpose of creation is for Consciousness to explore itself. It creates then observes and studies its own creation.

Going back to memories or background data, when a certain memory is not needed anymore it becomes inactive and won’t affect the person as a stimulus or a trigger. On the other hand, active memory which is considered as new information is what the conscious human mind will use as background information.

We don’t keep the same pool of information throughout the whole lifetime.

To explain this further, let’s consider other lives or dimensions that we call past, parallel or future lives.

These are infinite but are interconnected with our present life in specific numbers, one or more at a time, depending on the Soul’s different objectives at that specific time. These lives act as information useful to the present experience that can be changed (activated or deactivated) when necessary.

They are like stories or scripts that act as background information or stimulus to the human mind. So in order to understand a stimulus, we can access the story behind it and become aware of it.

Understanding stimulus helps us recognize the Soul or Creator mind objective in that specific moment. In other words, it helps the human conscious mind know what to do next to fulfill or manifest the Soul’s objectives and dreams, one at a time. It also helps remember and integrate more capacities or tools that are already acquired.

On the other hand, triggers, especially repetitive ones, carry within them the signal that something must change; that a memory or information must be revealed to the conscious mind in order to integrate the lesson that is not needed anymore by the next experience.

Up until now, we did this in a very unconscious way where our conscious mind mostly struggled to follow; either wanting to control the outcome based on its own expectations or, feeling lost and confused, not understanding the circumstances and asking questions like “what am I doing here?”, “why is this happening to me?”, “what’s the purpose of life?” etc.

So developing this connection with the subconscious, with the original framework, will on the first hand, help our conscious mind understand the outer world and live without the struggle and, on the second hand, become a conscious creator by using the unlimited base of information to create in its own world!

One of the ways to access our subconscious is: first, to become aware of the trigger, which is in most cases an emotion but can also be a thought or a physical symptom and second, to trace it back to its background story or data to get the message.

If you’re interested in using your magic toolbox in an effective and conscious manner, you will find more details in my QuantEssence training.

But for now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and simply dive inwards, in the silent darkness inside of yourself.

In silence all information is found ... in darkness all colors, forms, images, are “created”… all ideas, sounds, sensations emerge ... Follow their trace and they will lead you through the guiding story, to the message sent from you to yourself!

Have a nice trip!

QuantEssence - spiritual alignment


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