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The Spiritual Earth!

In a community that is based on equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom, with a mutual desire for spiritual growth and honoring of innate wisdom, great miracles occur.

You are a part of this community of light. For today’s humans, this community existed only in the spiritual or ethereal worlds, yet now it is being physically born on Earth. It is part of your destiny to help create and nurture a conscious community that empowers all of its members and is based in truth and in love.

You are all beings acting to spiritualize the culture of Planet Earth, which means manifesting this spiritual blueprint in your personal lives. Hold this Vision and act with courage, and the world will truly transform.

You were always there.

You watched the creation of planets and galaxies. You watched the creation of planet Earth and its cycles. You were all there. Your souls are magnificent and limitless and so are you.


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