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Real magic is the intelligence of working with Spirit, with energy...

When people ask me how do you achieve this or how do you proceed with a project or a goal, I tell them that there are two essential aspects to it.

The first one is to be 100% passionate about it and honestly loving the idea of it, seeing and valuing the benefits of it to me and to others, as well as, agreeing to do it or go to the process no matter what it takes.

The other aspect is that I ask Spirit or universal energy to do it for me, which means to show me the way and bring to me the pieces needed to create the whole, in any shape, way or form appropriate and efficient.

I am willing and accepting to execute, it’s an engagement.

In this part, first I have to listen and be conscious of what is brought to me, then put it into action, which usually happens with a lot of ease and with minimal effort.

I open my eyes one day and all is there, even better than I thought it would be because the intelligence we are working with is beyond ours, it’s a magical universal one.


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