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Quintessence, the fifth element of love!

Quintessence is the fifth and most important element of ancient and medieval philosophy. The fifth element permeates all of nature and is the substance of celestial bodies and the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form.

According to alchemists, quintessence is a substance that has many apparently miraculous properties and can even grant longevity to humans.

Quintessence is also the ether / aether and the carrier of light.

According to studies of Greek philosophy, the soul has its origin from this fifth element; « The soul is a perpetual movement because it is drawn from the ether which is always running. This Aristotelian ether is a heat, it is the principle of heat, therefore of life. »

Ether is the purest form of air, the particularity of which is to move in a circle without the need for an external force.

Originally, Ether is a primordial god of Greek mythology, personifying the upper parts of the sky, as well as its brightness; a fifth body endowed with a circular movement and which is thought to be the matter of celestial bodies.

According to Aristotle: « It is absolutely necessary that there is a simple body whose nature is to move in circular translation, in accordance with its own nature ... », « Besides the bodies that surround us here below, there is another body, separated from them, and has a nature all the more noble and more distant from those of our world. »

It is, as well, the original spiral matrix that gives birth, and the basic element necessary for Consciousness to materialize and have different forms of life. Spirality manifests itself in the physical world, in nature, in a multitude of forms, and it is the invisible creative and ordering principle which underlies the universe.

Others call it torsion fields, which are viewed as manifestations of torsion or helix of subtle energy that can bend to the left or right. Studies by Russian scientists have suggested that matter exploits torsion waves to maintain its existence.

On Earth, the ether represents life force or vital energy, which is also called prana, qi / chi, nwyfre, ankh, the secret fire, vril, orgone etc. It is the foundation and essence of all life, and the energy and vitality that fills the Universe.

Prana is the divine breath that circulates in all that exists. It is also the link that connects the material world to Consciousness. This is what makes life possible on a material level.

Life force is like a telephone line that connects humans to higher realms and states of consciousness. When life energy is increased, this connection is more like a broadband, high-speed Internet gateway.

When the level of vital energy is higher, as with the broadband Internet, information will be transmitted faster and responses will be quicker, like an instant manifestation.

Likewise, others equate vital energy with a light bulb and the electricity flowing through it with Source (Light). Vital energy makes transactions more immediate and helps people see the apparent connection between their thoughts and reality.

In space, the void or dark matter also recalls the properties of ether; an ubiquitous matter that permeates the entire universe. Dark matter is the vibrational essence of all that exists. And according to ancient alchemy and medieval science, ether, also called quintessence, is a ubiquitous material that permeates the entire Universe.

Quintessence, ether or the void is, as well, the Mother energy or Mother Goddess represented by the Holy Spirit in the Sacred Trinity:

« The Holy Spirit has no beginning and no end. With the Father and the Son, it existed before creation. The Spirit dwells in the heavens but also on Earth in the heart of each person. »

« The Holy Spirit is ready to help us move from the person we are today to the person we want to be, ever closer to the character of Christ. »

Dark matter is equally symbolized by the Black Virgin or the Divine Feminine. For indeed, it is the womb of all creation and, as such, the essence of unconditional love!

That said, love is not just a feeling but rather the natural state, the building block of each creation and each being. Love is life and when we experience lack of love on the human level, we experience lack of vital energy.

This expains why we are in constant search of this great, innate and creative force, of this connection to the origin that we call Love!

~ To follow the evolution of the Earth and its higher frequencies, we are called to cultivate more life force and go back to unconditional love in order to hold more light.

There are many different ways to recharge or restore this force. One of the easiest is to be in nature and connect with Mother Earth. But sometimes we need more help since every time we experience trauma or keep negative emotional charges, we lose a part of our energy (blocked or stagnant energy). ~ If you want to get your force back and open up to love, to your natural essence, I will be glad to help you. You can choose one of the following services designed for this purpose:

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