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"Past life regressions have lead us to some pretty incredible discoveries. One of which is that fairies do exist! Quantum hypnotists have spoken with fae several times during past life regressions. They are earth elementals who have a special connection with mother nature. They can appear wherever they want in space or time. They are energetic beings that have tasked with protecting and healing plants and animals. And they do rather enjoy messing around with humans, especially humans that mess with them first or harm their beloved wildlife." Julia Cannon Absolutely! I spoke with many of them during quantum healing sessions. While one might think of them as cute, happy go lucky creatures, they are actually fierce in their love and protection for the natural environment (not only that of planet Earth). In addition they have those magical healing capacities as they know very well how to use energy or life force.

When we are respectful and loving to mother nature, fairies can be our best allies. Also, if you feel an affinity to fairies, they can be one of your guides team. They often accompany me in my work and projects. And it seems that my joy is theirs.

I love fairies!

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