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Code 144!

I became conscious of the work we’re doing on the energy grid of planet Earth several years ago when I first decided to meditate for a couple of minutes, thanks to my friend Mike Goldsmith who took my hand and proposed to me to do it. We were in his car, before I leave to the airport, listening to Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd.

Once I closed my eyes I started seeing the light tapisserie at a very rapid pace and I was told the reason for it.

Grid workers or people who are conscious of the work being done on Earth’s energy body, can see the Leylines, the energy-grid of the planet as forming the incredible sacred geometry of the Flower of Life.

The Flower Of Life has 90 petals or leaf-like shapes, made from the intersecting circles, and 54 curved triangles that are in between the petals, in the negative space.

The combined sum of both 90 Petals and 54 Triangles = 90 + 54 = 144.

In fact, the energy grid of Earth holds the 144 light code and is being activated to reach the speed of light.

️According to Bruce Cathie, the maximum value of the Speed Of Light is 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second.

In other words, the energy body of Earth is in the timely process of becoming a light body.

Whenever your heart is filled with love and you see your light, you participate to the activation of Earth’s grid.


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