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All Dimensions Exist In One "Place"

"Perhaps a rereading of the material on fifth dimension will help you here, and one of these days we will carry that discussion further. In actuality, use of the inner senses will get you anywhere you want to go. The idea of destination in these terms is laughable. Every place is one place. You do the dividing and the separations. That is why your flying saucers are so funny to me.”


“Funny because you think of them as vehicles traveling through your own camouflage space. Any vehicles would travel through their own camouflage space, and in some instances are doing so, even now, in the so-called space taken up by your earthly universe."

"(“What’s so funny?”)"

"I am laughing because they fly through, in your terms, the very core of what you presume to call solid earth, which is not solid to them at all. And in certain instances as you attempt space travel, you will travel through what inhabitants on another plane will think of as their own particular “solid”—in quotes—and you will never know the difference."

"Now this does not mean that a stationary body of any kind cannot materialize itself upon another plane. And if it does, it of necessity must in some manner surround itself with the constructions or camouflage of the particular plane which it attempts to enter. This takes a high level of inner development."

"You can, or you will be able to, travel within your own camouflage universe. There are other intelligent identities in it and they are on your own plane. This is travel along what we may call for simplicity’s sake a horizontal level.”

“The inhabitants of the flying saucers are not of your own plane. I have mentioned the struggle of form involved. You will have to remember in any of the discussions along these lines that your physical constructions simply do not exist except on your own plane. Other constructions exist simultaneously with your own, of an entirely different nature, also however on what you may call a horizontal plane. But you will never find them in a spaceship."

Seth, The Early Sessions Book 1, Session 40 April 1, 1964


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