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Activation of the Light Body or Merkaba!

Often, at the end of the quantum sessions, the client sees a bright light that they feel everywhere, inside and outside of themselves. This is called the light body that has been activated after the understanding and the healing that took place.

The "light body" is actually called the "spiritual light body" which also means merkaba.

Mer = light, ka = spirit, ba = body.

It’s the union of the spirit and its body, surrounded by light.

In other words, activation of the merkaba means spiritual alignment or connection to the higher self (higher level of consciousness).

"Merkaba" is an Egyptian word, also found in Hebrew, meaning "a thing to be ascended."

It is described as a divine light vehicle that transports a person's consciousness to much higher dimensions.

It consists of two opposing 3D triangles (tetrahedrons) rotating in opposite directions, creating a 3D energy field around the person.

The field of love, light and goodwill that surrounds the person can extend to other people, surrounding them with the same healing energy.

The activation occurs over and over again, not just once until the God state is reached, but only to begin again, for God is an infinite potential that manifests itself through cycles of life.

The wheel or cross with equal arms surrounded by a circle represents the sacred sun, the divine source of light, or God.

The wheel also symbolizes restart, renewal, eternal passage, cycle and perpetual recreation.

According to Taoism, the wheel is the Sage who has reached the point of immobile center, around which movement can occur without himself being moved.

One of the images that represents the ophanim or wheels of God is also a cross with equal arms with 4 hypostases (4 attributes or facets of the creator; the lion = powerful, the man = personal, the eagle = professional and the bull = useful), showing the balance of creation to be achieved through the different cycles of creation or life.

It is also the merkaba of God or simply said, the state of God.

We can see in other images that represent the wheels or merkaba, the eye (God) surrounded by many eyes (archangels / messengers / holy spirit / creators) surrounded by fire or light.

Activating the light body also means harmonizing the sacred trinity / connecting the person with the unconditional love of their soul - the creative power - and the life force.

This activation is usually done after completing a cycle by making peace with oneself and thus the world, through understanding and compassion for our life experiences and creations.


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