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The Power of Flowers

I am a big flowers lover, fascinated by their divine beauty, sensuality and sweetness.

The sense of smell is one of my favorite senses. Flower fragrances make me feel that love connection with nature and mother Earth.

Enjoying the beauty and fragrances of flowers is said to have a reconnecting or healing effect on the body.

Fragrance restores balance to biorhythms and female hormones because of the flowers own biorhythmic pulsation.

It is said that flowers created humans. The appearance of humans on earth can be traced directly to the appearance of the first flower over 100 million years ago! The creation of a flower-filled planet became an environment to sustain higher forms of life, including humans. In other words, without flowers, physical bodies could not exist.

Indeed, thinking that we are made by flowers is a very lovely idea!

According to David Crow, master clinical herbalist, when using flower remedies, we’re actually drinking the molecular forms of evolutionary immunological intelligence in plants.

He adds that we can harness the healing properties of flowers for our mental, physical, and emotional health but also cultivate a more profound spiritual life.

Flowers have a feminine energy and belong to the water element.

They have a cooling and relaxing effect that puts us in a parasympathetic state. They can also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Actually, since the medicinal and fragrance oils are found in the color pigments of flowers, fragrance is considered as an expression of light.


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