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The Earth's Three Energy Grids

The Earth, has three main energy grids: the Magnetic Grid, the Gaia Grid and the Crystal Grid.

It’s important to understand that these three energy grids are in a state of quantum entanglement with us:

the three work together to form an energy "soup" that constitutes a benevolent human support system.

That means that everything we do is "known" by Gaia.

The Magnetic Grid is easily seen and measured on a physical level, and is responsible, on an esoteric level, for being in a “state of quantum entanglement” with the human consciousness. The magnetic grid is the information transfer vehicle to our DNA.

Gaia's Grid and the Crystal Grid are invisible, but many animals and humans have conscious knowledge of them.

The first, Gaia’s, can be defined as the “life force of the planet.” We see and feel this life force in the plants and animals around us, especially in our pets.

Gaia’s life force has personality, and it’s the only one of the three grids that she has sensitivity—this means that we have a greater inclination to feel and identify emotionally with it than with others.

The Crystal Grid, on the other hand, is extremely esoteric and much harder to explain. Record and remember human action and emotion.

Therefore, it is a spiritual grid that lays on the surface of the planet and remembers everything we do and where we do it within the exact place where it happened.

There are certain places on Earth where a special overlap of energies occurs between the three grids that creates properties of the earth that humans can perceive.

There are two different forms of overlap: the first generates an amplification of the Crystal Grid and can be described as an energetic "node" of Gaia, while the second type of overlap is to undo and neutralize the Crystal Grid, so it can be described as a "point zero" energetic of Gaia.

Gaia’s energy nodes are places of tremendous intensity, and are often found in areas that are less accessible or desirable to human habitat.

Earth's indigenous people often built temples in these remote locations, referred to by many as “sites of power” or “sacred places.”

Gaia’s energy zero points are places where sensations are also wonderful, but it is too overwhelming to stay in them for a long time; they represent the pure energy of Gaia, and they are places where it is most difficult to live: they possess rare magnetic field features that make the force vital and brain synapsis balance difficult. Places on Earth where there are zero points are often uninhabited for that reason.

In physics everything goes in pairs. This means that for every node on the planet there is its corresponding zero point.

Each polarized pair (knot and point zero) possesses a "pull and push" energy created by the overlap of the three grids.

What is the meaning of this? Think of knots and nodes working together, pushing a new energy inside the planet: the first are slowly taking away everything that humanity does not need, such as fear, war and drama; nodes are depositors of cosmic energy, in who is slowly pushing towards humanity new information, new ideas and new inventions.

The result is that, in this new energy, there will be fewer memories of hate and drama and more memories of love and compassion.

Humanity is all set for new inventions and information that will redefine our understanding of biology and physics.

Gaia's energy nodes and zeros are found all over the planet. However, there are twelve specific polarized couples that share unique energy properties.

These twelve couples contain the original prototype of Gaia’s energy template, much similar to how our stem cells contain our DNA’s cell template. But the templates inside Gaia are not just information: they are portals to quantum knowledge.

As templates are releasing, little by little, quantum information and knowledge the Crystal Grid modifies, which, in turn, contributes to human consciousness turning towards the creation of an ascending planet.

The twelve polarized pairs of knots and zero points are represented in twenty-four geographical locations.

Gaia's twelve unique energy nodes sites are: Maui, in Hawaii; the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico; Mount Shasta, in the United States; Uluru, in Australia; Machu Picchu, in Peru; Aoraki, in New Zealand; Glastonbury, in England; Mount Rila, in Bulgaria; Mont Blanc, in France; Mount Ida in Arkansas (USA), Table Mountain in South Africa and Isle of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

Gaia's twelve unique locations of energy zero points are: Tibesti Mountains in Chad, Africa; Mount Kailash in Tibet; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa; The Ural Mountains in Russia; Mount Ararat in Turkey; Mount Anet in the Pyrenees, Spain; Gunnbjorn Fjeld in Greenland; Snowy Mountain Meili in China; Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina; Mt. Fitz Roy in Patagonia Argentina; Mt. Logan in Canada and Victoria Peak in Tian Shan Mountains Kyrgyzstan.

~ Kryon


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