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Sekhem is the modern version of an ancient system of wisdom taught in early Egyptian temples. 

Sekhem is an energy that heals on all levels and can be described as the ultimate healing.

It has resurfaced to help humanity quickly and easily change its vibrational frequency so that humanity and Earth can reach their higher goal.

After being introduced to energy healing in the 1980s, Helen Belôt who remembers herself as a priest in the earliest temples, reintroduced Sekhem to the modern world in the 1990s in an updated system to adapt to current conditions.

The word Sekhem means "power" or "might" because it is linked to the frequency of the soul of the individual and acts directly on it.

This energy was associated with Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess of destruction and regeneration; one that destroys everything that no longer serves us, so that we can build on new foundations.

Considered the goddess of healing, Sekhmet was the guardian of this energy and also the protector against evil.


Although historically associated with a goddess, Sekhem is not a religious energy but rather pure and unconditional love.


Sekhem is the "parent" of all healing and energy healing systems and has the highest vibration.

It helps increase the ability of the individual to anchor life force and to integrate more light into his energy system. In other words, Sekhem helps activate the light body or widen the column of light, which is the direct connection with the Divine Source.

This energy is very balanced and has an affectionate and loving aspect which is attributed to the feminine.

During the last two and a half millennia, humanity has lost the balance between the masculine and the feminine and Sekhem foresees a return of this balance and helps us to do it very quickly and with much facility.

Sekhem is a pure and gentle energy that acts instantly in an encouraging, loving and compassionate manner and causes positive change on all levels:

  • physical

  • mental

  • emotional

  • spiritual

The changes happen without trauma or drama because they bring knowledge and certainty of the appropriateness of the changes and a new way of thinking since it does not work on the symptoms only but on the very root cause of the problem.

Sekhem operates beyond time and space to the core of our belief systems, at the soul level.

Sekhem helps you take responsibility for your development in all aspects of your life and gives you the strength and courage to make the changes you want to make in yourself including breaking repetitive patterns that can keep you from moving forward and living a fuller life.


Sekhem helps to:

  • realign, release and move blocked / stagnant energy layers around the body

  • relieve emotional and spiritual distress and mental anguish

  • relieve aches and pains

  • find the courage and strength to face fears, manage grief, gain confidence, and develop self-awareness

  • have positive changes in life, attitude and the way of thinking and feeling

* Spiritual guidance and channeling will be used, in addition to energy healing, in order to receive messages and advice.


It is also possible for the client to have revelations, images, physical sensations and emotions related to past lives or other dimensions (spiritual or otherwise) during the session.


In general, the client feels lighter, calmer, clear-minded and more energized after a session.

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