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Channeling Énergétique 

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Channeling Énergétique is a holistic therapeutic method that has been developed by Marc Tentillier.


  This method combines feeling the energies that make up the being in its entirety and the perception of information. The information collected by the practitioner can be traced back to the root cause of:

  • pain

  • pathologies

  • ill-being, depression, anxiety, burn out

  • eating behaviour diorders

  • sleep disorder

  • recurring or invasive emotions

  • addictions

  • phobias, blockages

  • transgenerational or repetitive patterns


Thanks to the close association between the practitioner and the consultant, the latter can use his faculties of self-healing to completely free himself from events, traumas, and beliefs which are the cause of his difficulties. This allows him to find or regain well-being, comfort, joy and harmony on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

"We cannot heal the body without healing the soul"
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