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Your new inner house is your new creation!

Let us enter into your new house.

Let us walk together into your kitchen now.

Some of you didn’t even know you have a kitchen. You have spent no time. But this is a great place to be in and you’ll spend more time here now.

In the kitchen of your new house there’s an oven in the center; it’s called the oven of grace. It is a symbol of your own energy of grace.

Open this oven and put in any personal situation that’s difficult for you.

First, it has to be your own issue and not that of others. It can be anything such as fear, lack of abundance, or loneliness.

Imagine a symbol that represents this situation and put it in the oven. Put only one issue at a time. You can put it as many times as you feel necessary, but only one issue a day.

You don’t need to say anything, to have an intent or to say any prayers. There needn’t be any agendas, any goals, contrary to what you used to do before.

When you eat food, do you ask for it to be digested and mentally control the digestive process or do you let it be?

Then close the oven and press start. Keep it inside for 24 hours. Remember to take it out after 24 hours.

Accept changes as they come.

If fear comes up because of change put it in the oven and let grace handle it.

This will help you learn to trust yourself. You don’t need to turn your problems over to an angel, to a guide or to spirit. You can allow the fulfillment within your own being. You can learn how to create in grace. Up till now you have not trusted in your divine grace and the energy of the earth has not been appropriate to truly utilize this. But now it is yours.

So enjoy your time in the kitchen and enjoy the beauty, the flow, the balance and the love of the divine grace that exists within you!


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