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You can go to another Earth where suffering doesn’t exist

There is now another Earth, where suffering is unknown to us, and yet we can learn to know ourselves.

If you're not there, you can go when you decide to completely get rid of the old "you have to suffer to grow" program, and when you detoxify yourself from the "pleasure-pain" duo.

I think we should stop romanticizing pain and extreme emotions.

To know our true nature, which is peace, wisdom, joy and compassion, the mental, emotional and physical bodies need to be in order, so as not to be distracting.

We cannot become aware of the peace within us, for example, if we are focused on pain all the time.

These three bodies cannot be perfect because they are limited by their nature, and that's not what's required.

But they can be in harmony. And this is a process to be followed.

When the three bodies of the personality are in harmony we can be able to reach beyond the personality for what we truly are.

Suffering is a state of disorder linked to psychic dynamics and the attachment to pleasure and its counterpart, pain.

It also often stems from a need to control life and a lack of understanding of it... and life is not to be controlled, but to be lived.


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