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You Are A Vortex

A vortex is a desire and a thought of a possibility, an opening that allows consciousness to travel.

Every particle which is a small vortex of the unified field is a potential creative thought of the One Mind and can become a big vortex leading to creation.

(Actually thoughts and emotions are vibratory forces that create dimensions. And so, a different thought and desire takes you to a different dimension.)

Vortexes are not only found in places but also in people. When you're in your higher consciousness, you feel it naturally.

It's not a process. It's acknowledged with a clear inner vision.

People who have higher consciousness levels realize that they have these vortexes with them, or that they are a vortex. The aim of this is raising the level of consciousness on Earth or opening the way for consciousness to travel.

Quantum sessions are vortexes too.

When you have awakened to higher consciousness of yourself and you are aware of your multidimensional travels, you automatically become an activator vortex, a possibility for other people’s consciousness to travel too.


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