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There's no karma when there's love

Karma is the principle of causality (linked to the third chakra), which means that thoughts act. Our thoughts take form and shape our personal realities. It's also our personal will or creative power (free will) put into action.

Karma is not about the past. Our intentions, thoughts/perspectives, and interactions determine our reality here and now.

Causality is a principle that requires us to move from being an effect to being a cause. To understand that we are the cause, not the effect, is to understand that the human being is in essence the creator.

In fact, karma can help us understand that "we are not what we think" but that we are more than what we think. This means going beyond the psyche and understanding that we pretend to be the thought and the thinker, but that we are more than this...

The mind is the creative aspect of the Self; this is the principle of mentalism.

We are composed of a mental capacity that creates all forms of existence through thought. And every dimension, or space-time complex, is a thought-form.

However, in the human experience, intentions and thoughts must be accompanied by actions. Thoughts must be materialized by our behavior, actions and interactions, in order to be lived. Thoughts that make us uncomfortable and limit us, for example, show us a misalignment with natural laws or the principle of oneness, enabling us to understand the importance of oneness, and to cherish and be in awe of our true nature.

Once we've learned this, we can choose our thoughts, perspectives and actions in harmony with the whole, for they are our own creations.

No matter what we've been through, no matter what did or didn't happen, what matters is what we tell ourselves right now, what matters are the stories we tell ourselves and our perspective on experience.

To say that we are the sum of our experiences can be limiting. We are the creators of these experiences. And we are the creators of new thoughts and creations at every moment.

An experience is lived in the present moment, and that's where it stays. We decide to keep it with us through an energetic link. It is we who keep it alive and active when we feel, think and talk about it, and thus decide on its impact on us.

What counts is our intention and will. What we want to live, what we want to experience now, should dominate all other known thoughts and experiences.

When sufficient self-love has been attained and the heart is wide open (the fourth chakra) i.e. the fourth density is reached, then all thoughts become harmonious leading to harmonious expressions of life and creations ranging from art to science because this is the creation or conscious manifestation with the vibration of unity and love.

We can also say that our words (the fifth chakra) quickly become creative when aligned with the natural order of harmony and unity. It's the principle of vibration.

When man begins to integrate a universal intelligence, the divine will / wisdom (through the seventh chakra), which is the principle of mentalism that transcends human laws and functions, he will see that karma no longer matters.

As a result, the human being will live with the upper part of his body and the four higher chakras, as the physical body becomes lighter.

The heart and larynx, which are not fully developed at present, will play a major role in the body, with the larynx becoming the generating organ, enabling man to create form with his word...


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