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The Return of the Mermaids!

Ancient stories talk about a merman / an amphibian being helping humanity after the deluge, through his multidisciplinary knowledge, and showing it the way of love by collaborating with both the stars and earth.

In our times, the deluge is happening now energetically.

For example, the story of the flood and Noah's arc is symbolic of the present time when Noah, representing the starseeds, activates his merkaba or ascension vehicle, which is the arc, so that he can navigate the high energy field that will pass through the Earth (the flood) and erase memories of experiences especially those that are not in coherence with the heart.

And the period, especially the one starting from 2020, is called the return of the mermaids (or the mother / the original life from water / liquide or pure consciousness ). This period refers to going back to our essence, and thus to our elevated unity consciousness that is connected to the inner as well as the outer worlds, to the cosmos as well as to the core.

In other words, it’s the time of living the unity of our duality (the trinity) in harmony, which is represented by the trident of the merman…


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