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The Multidimensional Self !

In quantum sessions we wake up from hypnosis and have a broader consciousness where we meet other parts of the Self. Those parts guide us to solutions and offer healing on different levels. This can also happen spontaneously. Other selves can communicate with us at any time when guidance or help is needed. We just need to be open and receptive, without allowing any suspicion or resistance. One of my encounters was with Shira. When Shira came to me, she gazed into my eyes and touched my face with so much love. It was more real than any physical touch I’ve experienced in this lifetime. We merged together in a unified yet separate consciousness allowing me to have a preview of her Lyran life. This memory activation or experience helped my human self integrate higher levels of wisdom, creativity and playfulness. We are multidimensional beings with infinite creative power and potential. Remembering that, opens up doors to our human consciousness never thought possible thus, enhancing the quality of our lives and globally bettering humanity. The interlacing of the new humanity is done through our incarnation on Earth. By being physically in this dimension and remembering or channeling our infinite capacities for love and harmonious creations, we nourish the Earth with light and contribute to the creation of a new human, fully present in physical form and fully connected to his multidimensionality and to All That Is.


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