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The feeling of security

The human experience has lead to mistrusting Spirit out of hurt and suffering leading to a lack of sense of security and safety.

Most of us are in fight or flight mode, which can decrease significantly the life force of the body, can cause sickness and most importantly hinder the reception of spiritual guidance.

The brow or 6th chakra which is that of aspiration and imagination is directly connected to the 1st or root chakra.

And physically speaking, we see that the pituitary gland (which is related to the brow chakra, the pineal gland is actually related to the crown chakra) is connected to the adrenal glands which are responsible, in part, in regulating stress.

The feeling of safety and security are very important for spiritual awakening and are the basis of ascension.

It starts with the inner child, the soul, the point of light that needs a lot of security otherwise he’ll lose vitality (life force) and disconnect from imagination, which are both important components of a healthy child archetype.

As we know, energy or life force is needed to carry the light or information / guidance / wisdom.

There are many techniques to augment the life force.

In anway, the work is better be done on the three levels; mental, emotional and physical.

On the mental level: we can look for the belief which says that it’s not safe for us to be here and its origin and replace it, then repeat the new one in the days that follow,

On the emotional level: we can express anger, frustration, and all senses of injustice,

On the physical level: we can do any exercise that works on the vagus nerve to put the body in parasympathetic mode, like slow breathing, meditation, etc.

So, let's get the energy and confidence flowing...


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