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The Essence is found in the present moment

"Our consciousness is almost entirely preoccupied with memory and expectation. We do not realize that there has never been, is not, and never will be any experience other than the present experience." ~ Alan Watts

We don't really move through time.

"Time" passes through us, and we are the constant that doesn't move, the one watching the events of a dream.

In fact, a continuum is a psychic illusion that has its role for the moment in our holographic matrix.

It's a bit like how cartoons are done, where each image is drawn separately to represent an act, then assembled in a fluid movement that gives the impression of a continuum.

When a life is observed from a level of consciousness outside the human configuration, it resembles events or scenes that have their own beginning and end, and are not necessarily linked by a sequential order of "before and after".

They exist only if they are observed, otherwise they are invisible, disappearing into the unified black field.

These focal points are part of Spirit’s dreams of itself, a state where it observes the potential of its own creative thoughts or the “what if’s” scenarios. Sometimes it likes to pretend to be different from what it actually is and see what happens, and so on…

Focal points are lived as a complete experience, without past or future, and are not an everlasting truth for Spirit.

When we step outside the illusion of time, we realize that each experience is unique in itself, and not necessarily the result of previous experiences such as ancestral ones.

To be an individual is to be a focal point.

All focal points belong to the Unified Consciousness, and one is not better than the other, it's just different. So there's nothing to correct, no past or future to change. There's only the experience of living differently each focal point of the spiral of creation.

The focal point is a defined experience. An illusionary transitory fluctuation of the constant that Is and never changes. A constant from which nothing can be subtracted nor added.

So the focal point, “the personality, the individual self, the ego, the soul, as well as time, birth and death, creation and destruction, free will, enlightenment, being on a spiritual path, etc. are all part of the illusion.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

Only the unique Self / essence / unified field / undifferentiated Consciousness is real and constant. It Is and it has no obligations.

To find the essence without losing oneself by identifying with the persona or any kind of obligation is the ultimate truth. And the essence exists in the present moment.


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