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The 9 Dimensions of Existence!

Everything emerges from the 1st dimension which is the "I Am."

And this I Am has a "dream" it is where "all is possible" and it is the 8th dimension.

The 7th dimension is where "I can feel the dream, what I am capable of being."

And the 6th dimension is "what I can do with what I feel, and what I can create." This is the dimension of the creators / Archangels.

The 5th dimension is where "I am aware of what I can create." This is the dimension of the Masters / Guides.

The 5th dimension is also where "I know I can change what I have created forever".

What makes the 4th dimension or eternity / where there is no time or space...

But the 3rd dimension (past, present, future) is where I can experience it, it is where I am inside what I create, so I become the creation to experience it.

And the only way I can do it is to create the movement...

Movement or life is created by "polarity" or the 2nd dimension.

And once I have created something new through this process (1…8,7,6,…2,3,4…5), I become fully aware of who I am, and that is the 9th dimension or the state of God.

The path is a circle (where the 1st and 9th touch).

The 1st dimension is "I exist but I don't know who I am".

The 9th dimension is "I am fully aware of who I am and I understand what the whole is".

All these dimensions are not separate but rather inside one another.


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