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Red, blue, purple - the 3 principal colors symbolic of the universal states of consciousness

I talked about the 3 quantum states or sound of the universe which is AUM in the second last post. I would like to share the colors that were explained to me corresponding to this trinitairy sound frequency.

We know that the black color of the unified field holds all colors possible, however without a light reflection they can’t be seen. The reflector is considered as white which is not a color in itself, but the reflector of all colors.

However, the colors that are captured and seen in space which majorly represent the three states of consciousness are actually dark violet, blue and red.

(M) Dark violet which is a mixture of blue and red is actually the initial color and the indicator of the pure energy in the « dormant » or inactive form of Consciousness where all is possible.

(U) Blue color represents the electrons / thoughts interacting with each other indicating life forms or the creation level of Consciousness, producing light (That’s why many beings and planets are in blue color - representing life).

The Light produced will brighten the violet to red.

Then (A) red represents the Light Consciousness which is conscious energy or violet without blue, because there’s no form, there is only awareness.

Light red symbolizes also the whiteness if the red fades but since white is not a color, we see light red instead as a representative of pure Consciousness amongst all universal colors. Similarly, light blue can indicate whiteness and pure awareness.

In other words, to go from black or dark violet to white we see blue and red as major colors of Consciousness as representatives of energy becoming conscious of itself.

The violet flame concept, for example, is the transmutation of zero point; the absence of form and the presence of all possibilities of form.

It’s the One Spirit just as the white flame or what we call Light.

And the concept of twin flames coming together (kundalini rising) refers to energy becoming conscious where Shakti, representing energy awakening and the color red meets Shiva which is elevated consciousness and the color blue or white. Once again, the two become dark violet or white which is One and the same.


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