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Reconnecting with the Essence!

During quantum hypnosis sessions (QHHT / BQH), clients are often reminded of their essence.

In a recent online session, for example, the client was shown his true origin starting from the dark violet matter and the specters of light (consciousness) coming out of it and forming white smoke-like shapes (souls) that traverse the universe passing through different vortexes or dark holes and incarnating in different dimensions. The energy in its different forms is in constant movement and transformation.

Then the client was shown two of his incarnations one as a researcher and Keeper of plant life on planet Earth and the other one as a witcher who heals people on Earth with potions using the elements of nature.

So the theme of this session was life energy and creation; how he was created from it and how he is using it to create in different dimensions.

The consultant was reminded to work with this energy as he already knows how.

But the most important part of the session was when the client felt the vibration of this life force or energy of creation physically in his heart! He was so touched by the soft loving sensation of what we call life!

The client was a bit in resistance to life on Earth due to the hardships of living in duality. So in the session he was reminded of and reconnected to this life force that is pure soft love. It’s very similar to what a fetus feels in the belly of his mother. It’s the connection to All that Is! (For more details, check out my article on quintessence.)

It’s not the first time that a client experiences facts of creation and the Universe. Actually many see themselves as creators using energy and One with All:

« I'm in space, I do not have a body, but I can create one, I can create whatever I want, any shape I want. I can shape the energy as I wish. »

« It looks like home. It is nothing and everything at the same time. »

« I am everything and I'm infinite. I am one but we are also many because I am not alone. »

« I can be a galaxy or a small ant, but I'm not really one of them. I am the observer behind these creations but I can be them if I wish. »

All sessions are amazing in their own way, and the magic and love that are experienced are often indescribable!

So, do not hesitate to have your own magical experience.

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