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Our creative power lies in the present, not in memories of the past

Transgenerational baggage, genetics, cellular memory, etc. today belong to the old belief system.

The same applies to past lives.

Our souls tell us stories that we consider "memories", to help us get rid of or transcend our limiting beliefs.

These stories, which we call past lives, symbolize collective thought patterns and beliefs, and are not to be taken personally. Rather, they serve as guidelines.

All beliefs belong to the human psyche, which means they are subjective realities.

There is only the present, and in the present moment, there is always something new.

A permanent and unlimited flow of vital energy is available to us at every moment.

Our body is a new body every moment, if we so wish.

Our thoughts can be new thoughts every moment, if we so wish.

We can realize this with our higher consciousness.

We are one thought, one belief away from another dimension, or the timeline of the life we want.

Yes, because dimensions are based on thoughts, beliefs and perspectives... Thought is creative.


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