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OM - the three states of Consciousness!

OM which is actually written as AUM depicts the three states of Consciousness; A stands for awake, U stands for the dream state, and M stands for deep sleep.

It’s the quantum vibrational state of All that Is. Every creator or conscious being can omit or vibrate this sound and be on these three levels at the same time.

It’s the sound vibration of the sacred trinity; pure energy (deep sleep), light (awake), and creation (dream).

So chanting the sound OM helps attain the zero point state and the expansion state while being in the focal point state.

Why is this important to know? These different states of consciousness are needed to regenerate your informational and energetic flow and keep you aligned to your true nature while living as an incarnate being.

In quantum sessions, we can also experiment the three levels of consciousness all at the same time as a natural state.


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