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No memories, only the present moment counts

Memories are not about past facts that we keep with us. They are actually an elaboration of personal present perspectives, especially those that hold a large amount of energy because of judgement, resistance, non acceptance, or attachment…

When the perspective changes the so called memory doesn’t exist anymore because nothing is fixed anyways, no experience is eternal, everything is always but a possibility.

So if we are at peace with our life experiences in the now, we keep no memory.

In addition, we don’t need any accumulation of experiences as a backup system of data. We only need to actively be aware of our imagination capacity as part of our creative power and be receptive to inner knowledge or transmission of information.

Whenever an information is needed for the sake of the present experience it’ll be there in the moment in order to be used only in the present but it’s not to be kept since every experience is meant to be unique.


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