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Message from Agartha and the Elders!

I started to remember working with the light grid of Earth several years ago. It happened to me spontaneously especially at night. At first I didn’t exactly know what it was but I remember doing it with a lot of joy. Then I became more conscious of the process that was taking place at a very high speed!

Few years later I remembered my visits to Earth’s core, to Agartha and my connection with its inhabitants. It was like going back home and meeting with family. I had a deep connection with these very wise and loving beings, a connection that I often long for.

Earlier this month, during a full moon meditation, I saw the work with the grid again. This time I was overwhelmed by the huge wave of strong maternal-like love surrounding Earth and covering its body as a warm blanket. The light in the Earth’s grid was met with that coming from its core and the wave of love allowed this flow of light to be easily possible. Light was flowing in what seems like veins inside Earth’s body, and when it came out it formed openings on Earth’s surface. It was as if she’s opening her eyes and awakening (activation of third eye?). Those openings were not only about the known portals that can be found in certain localized places. They were rather spots of light spread all over Earth’s surface!

Two days later, I felt a strong pressure on my heart chakra and a sudden vivid connection with the people of Agartha, who wanted to transmit the following:

« We are the Elders and the Librarians of planet Earth. We hold the blueprint and the records of her journey.

Earth’s awakening and ascension codes are activated and so are yours. Light canals are open from the core to the surface of Earth forming nodes for the light to pass. Those nodes are Earth’s eyes through which she’s awakening. She’s awakening to her own light reflected back to her from the cosmos thus allowing a clear two-way flow of communication between her physical body and Light Consciousness.

This is how Earth’s vision is established just as yours; for the vision comes from inside and is reflected back to you by the cosmic light. Vision is the beginning of awakening and self discovery.

We ask those of you who are here to accompany Earth in her journey, to remember your mission and anchor the flow of light since you are all part of the light nodes; the eyes of planet Earth.

Connect to Earth through love, through your heart and let the light flow naturally through you.

And remember, we are Many ... we are One. »


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