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Many of my quantum healing clients are mermaids on other dimensions.

Mermaids are beautiful beings who represent the feminine state of oneness with all creation! They are highly conscious and connected to their natural surrounding. They hold in them a lot of wisdom and universal knowledge and sometimes play the role of energy guardians of the aquatic world.

Mermaids know how to navigate between worlds. They represent the creative force of the subconscious and they are very caring and nurturing and yet protective, strong and autonomous. Their energy, blessings and power flows through and benefits all creatures of water.

They have the power to cleanse, renew, inspire and remind others of the limitless love we are! They are the queens of oceans and the creative energy that brings new life and art into the world.

They are the flow and renewal of life force and the feminine essence that help us set our energy back to motion when there’s a block. They help us clear our thoughts and flow in the calm.

When clients see other lives of theirs as mermaids that is to remind them of all of the above!

~ I am an ocean of creativity. ~ I give birth to what exists within me.

QuantEssence - spiritual alignment


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