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"Hey! Hey! Wake up!"

Mathis, whom I had the opportunity to accompany, describes the vision he had of soul connections and of what I do, which is precious to me in its simplicity and purity:

Something touched my arm while I was sleeping.

I dreamed of a land where the grass shines like a thousand suns.

I woke up.

Here it was night.

My eyes misted with a carefree sleep, I hid my head under my comforter.

And you, euphoric:

"Listen to me, I have something to show you, come! Follow me!"

Obviously, I had fallen back asleep.

Then you jumped into my bed.

In a start, I got up to push you away.

Valiantly, you fought back.

In a flight of feathers and hair, we fell out of bed...

Together, we cried with laughter....

"Stop, follow me, I have something to show you."

You took me by the arm, together, we left the room.

You were heading towards the front door.

I stopped you: "What are you doing? You know that Mom and Dad will never agree to let us go out!"

"But yes, don't worry we won't go far!"

So we went out....

A new world, the Moon was shining, and you were holding my arm.

After a few minutes walking in the dark, you stopped.

Our breath, turned into steam in the cold.

"Look over there, the Moon!

Look, they are calling us, can't you hear them?"


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