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Get your power back!

The collective shadow theme that is in process to be acknowledged and liberated is disempowerment on a personal level and as a human race.

In a dualistic dimension, darkness and light walk together. But when extremes are reached, endings happen. Too much darkness lead to destruction and too much light lead to an evolution to a next level.

WE are amidst an ending right now!

Disempowerment is darkness. It comes from ignorance of who we truly are and what we are capable of. This ignorance leads to giving away our rights to choose and create our own life. It leads to getting easily manipulated and controlled by the exterior whether it is other people or situations created by them.

Human beings are capable of both destructive and constructive creation. Staying for long with destructive energies, whether it is in a state of disempowerment or selfish empowerment (power over another) leads to a constrictive state like a vicious circle, blockage, stagnation or even death. On the other hand, constructive energies lead to expansion!

Many do not need to experiment destruction anymore, having already learned the lesson.

Ignorance is part of the shadow aspect. So choose to know and seek the TRUTH, the LIGHT!

No one has power over another except when one does something without the awareness or consent of the later.

It is by your simple AWARENESS that power games cease to exist!

It is by your NON-CONSENT that control games come to an end!

You are sovereign, independent and whole beings that are here to learn to choose how to live your lives. Now that one polarity has been experienced it is time to choose the other.

Know yourselves, get back your power and say NO to what does not suit you anymore. No one knows what you want or what you need better than you! NO government, doctor, organization, or law knows better what is best for you! Don't let anyone tell you what you need to do! Use your own gut feeling, your inner guidance, and your discernment.

Get back your independence and be your own light!

WE are all in this together and it is up to US and only us to decide what we want. There is no greater force than that of the collective aligned together for the same purpose. We have experienced darkness and it is time to go back to the LIGHT. It is our own right as sentient beings to live in harmony and abundance NOW. These are Mother Nature’s own properties, which we are all part of. The nature of life is always to seek balance and expansion. So as decision makers we have to let ourselves go back to our TRUE nature. Do not let anyone or anything tell you that it is not possible! The first thing to do is to be AWARE / CONSCIOUS of what is happening and to KNOW that we have the right to choose.

No external factor dictated by others can decide our lives. No authority exists on us except that of the Highest Good!

~ If you want to get back your inner power, I will be glad to help:

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