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Earth's mission

Our Earth's mission is to cultivate the principle of love to its highest degree by the beings who evolve on it.

Wisdom is a predisposition to love.

Wisdom is a spiritual substance that lies at the root of all things.

The Earth, as a planet, developed wisdom in the first place, and we can see this in all forms of nature.

It is the divine wisdom that exists in nature that human beings will acquire over time in order to achieve love.

Nature shows us spiritual wisdom and represents a model of harmonious living.

What's more, it shows us all the means and inventions that enable us to live in comfort.

Nature knows and possesses everything. For example, did you know that paper is made by wasps to build their hives, and was not invented by man? And there are many examples like that.

A wise person is one who has established within himself the same state as that of nature. A spiritual person is one who embodies wisdom and love.

The Earth is the planetary living condition for the evolution of love.

When the Earth reaches the end of its evolution, love will have penetrated everywhere and through everything.

So, in the new era, the illumination of the soul by the wisdom of Spirit is necessary before any form of manifestation.

Enlightenment is the inner knowing or integration, not an outer idea, of the fact that the individual is but a universal member and messenger of All That Is.

Indeed, once this stage has been reached, there can be no intervention from the ego, other people or the outside world, for only love exists.


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