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Don’t hesitate to share your inner knowledge!

When I was little I used to talk to the trees, to the plants, to the animals, to the insects, to the water, to the air, to the soil... and to many "invisible friends."

When I was young I used to feel people’s emotions and know if their energy is dense or light and hug the sad ones healing them with love,... I used to clean the sea water with light in my hands and liberate the stuck energy showing it the way to the sun.

My strongest communication skill was telepathic and I always felt surrounded, or being in two places at the same time; inside my body and above it observing. I used to watch the sky and the stars every night to feel that huge love coming from the state of oneness. In my "dreams" I used to fly over extraordinary places that I’ve never seen on earth.

Then I grew up and started speaking about the stars and the other planets, about the invisible world and our creative power, about energy and the infinite potential.

I wanted to open up people ‘s minds to their true nature. But in order to do this I realized I had to help them see through the layers.

So I started observing myself again being inside and outside my body at the same time, in order to understand my human experience better. I started observing my mind, my beliefs, my emotions and I started talking to them understanding them; where do they come from, what are they telling me.

Then I decided to assist others to do the same, to understand their different layers, their human self and all the rest... to understand that they are the sun and the wind and the earth and the other planets and the one energy that exists in all... that they are magnificent beings, creators of their own realities, that they are here to discover more and more of their infinite potential, that everything is okay and that they are cherished and loved.

What I’ve lived is glorious and what I’m feeling now is even much stronger than what I’ve ever felt when I was little and that is because of the sharing.

Sharing the knowledge and the experience, however personal, is so precious.

Witnessing the transformation of people that comes of it everyday is so divine and its effect is an exponential feeling of that "huge love" that I used to feel when I was little looking at the stars.

If you’re hesitating to share your experience, to share who you are, remember that We are One and that your expansion comes from the expansion of others and this is the way of Love.


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