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Blockages? It's impossible to stop or block life.

We talk about blocages, factors that hinder the progression of our path as negative things that need to be removed otherwise they can stop us from expressing our potential.

But what I understand is that these so called blocages are impossible to exist at least in the way we see them.

In fact, I tend to think of these factors as milestones, or bridges from one timeline to another.

As we are creatures of habit, sometimes change feels like death to us and we grief the old. That’s why we think of these factors as blocages, they block the old so that they can be transformed.

Sometimes we feel them as stagnation, but this also is a mental illusion.

In addition, it is impossible to stop or block life. Even when change of habits is not possible for one reason or another, and death is decided upon to end a life form, this death is a form of change, it’s a transformation of energy from one form to another to assure the progression of a soul’s path, or of creation.

So, whenever we feel blocages, we can be rest assured that all will be done for transformation to happen, one way or another. Life always goes on…

However, in this lifetime, we are called to live life more consciously. And so, for change to happen voluntarily, and to move from one timeline to another, comprehension of the life situation at hand, through inner guidance, and the will to implement other or different actions are needed. It’s the new way of living that is accessible to humans.

The more we use our inner guidance the less we feel these intersections between the old and the new as blockages and the more we accept and facilitate the process of change.


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