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Are you seeking mental clarity?

Overthinking means that we are using only one part of our mind, the part that doesn’t have all the information or the elements necessary, and so it’s normal for it to go round and round and become foggy.

Let’s understand how we function. Understanding helps us to have compassion towards ourselves.

Repetition just as anything else in this world has both sides, good and bad.

When we keep repeating the same thoughts, or the same way of thinking and we hold on to a single unchangeable perspective, we limit our energy. Yet souls like to stay free and open to receive newness.

When we get suffocated and saturated mentally and emotionally, we tend to release through the body and when that becomes chronic, the outlet becomes exaggerated like, for example, too much food, sex or sports or even illnesses.

However, we can learn how to release beforehand as a part of self-mastery, of learning how to manage our own energy flow.

To do so, we first have to be present to ourselves. Observation, interrogation with the part of ourselves that holds the answers, and execution are one kit for release.

For every problem there is a solution created for it. For every question there’s an answer ready to be heard. Each one of us is equipped with both and is able to assemble them.

If you want to learn how and have mental clarity, book a QuantEssence session with me.


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