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Meet the essence of your Being

Welcome to my website!

I practice and train in QuantEssence spiritual alignment method that I created after few years of experience in QHHT® quantum healing hypnosis - Dolores Cannon's method, and in Sekhem energy healing of ancient Egypt, 
which can help you reach a state of peace and harmon
y, leading to wholeness, and enabling you to use your full natural potential.

In other words, I help you to remember the truth of your Inner being.
                                                                                     Amal Masri 
Soin Quantique QuantEssence

QuantEssence session

Multidimensional guidance, alignment with the higher self and awakening of inner power and self love

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Training & Workshops

- QuantEssence Training


- Spiritual Alignment; Harmony,  Sacred Trinity  & Starseed workshops

Upcoming dates: training June 22-25, Harmony workshop October 5-6



I've been overwhelmed since yesterday's session. For your words, your testimony, your coaching, the session, the revelations, and all the beneficial magic that will follow. A big THANK YOU set with a thousand precious stones of indescribable radiance! I understand more and more the details I was a little skeptical about. Before, during and after my sleep, I had sensations, images and wonderful, marvellous dreams!

Isabelle E

I had an appointement with you a year and a half ago. Following the session with you and a release, I got pregnant. I have an adorable 7 month old baby boy! Thank you because I know that you have something to do with it. Looking forward to continue to work with you.


Amal, I want to tell you how much your training has changed my life, it is as if in 4 days I had anchored and validated everything on which I had nourished intuitively and through my reading and training.

You opened my connection to the divine in a direct and very effective way.

The puzzle is assembled!

Life opens up and becomes much lighter, I finally embark on my projects which were blocked for a very long time and yet everything was there or almost.

I now understand the importance of divine timing and that time has allowed me to grow and be ready today to accompany others towards their own healing.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this door to the universal consciousness that you have opened and which will not be closed again, this knowledge that you have been able to share with us with so much gentleness and kindness, and which is firmly anchored in our cells.


The session had the effect of a very very important release for me. It is as if having experienced my divinity and recognized my creative power has transformed my perspective on this earthly reality and my current life. Like an NDE from which you come back and which changes everything. Thank you Amal!

Anna S

  QuantEssence training is exciting and incredibly rewarding.

I experienced a real inner and outer reconnection there, and revealed parts of my being that were just asking to be expressed in order to evolve.

This real personal highlighting is a great opportunity to embark on a more conscious life path, and a springboard to a professional life in perfect harmony with my aspirations.


My meeting with Amal (and with the members of the training) turned my life upside down for the better. An extraordinary teacher, she knows how to transmit and guide everyone towards their inner richness, with patience, wisdom and unconditional love.


Following the death of my father, I repressed a lot of emotions. 

Gradually a malaise settled in me, first psychological, then physical. Nothing serious, I only had slight digestive problems, but still it clouded my mind.

So I searched, I searched first in classical medicine. Then I became interested in nutrition, meditation, out-of-body experiences, acupuncture… but my condition was overall similar.

Then came my first session with Amal. 

Of all the practices, whether western or oriental medicine… it is the only one that has given me back the keys to self-healing. 

I insist on the word AUTO, Amal, through her presence allowed me to regain my autonomy. 

Because yes, our power of the mind, of the imagination, has been dormant in us for a long time. 

And believe me, nothing beats succeeding in reconnecting to your soul, to this capacity for self-understanding, self-healing, or just this autonomy in life. 

Teaching the consultant to reconnect with his soul has no value!


I wanted to thank you once again for the healing session. 

It’s an energy of intense joy that I’m feeling right now. 

I feel more the presence of creative energy, especially when I express myself, more ease and coherence in my words, more love to transcend. 

It’s magical!

I have more fluidity and “consistency” in my intentions to create a universe of love. 

It’s wonderful!!!!!! 

As if I saw even more “clearly in my life”. More brightness. 

This is such a beautiful impression. 

I also have more energy, I am quicker in my actions. It's impressive. 

How joyful!!! 

You are an ocean of infinite love that allows rivers to branch out to join this ocean of eternal love!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We don't know you by chance in my opinion. You have a role to play in our lives. 

It's as if you allowed me to make two ends meet (the umbilical cord to its cosmic mother). 

It’s a wonderful gift that life gives me. 

Thank you infinitely!

Isabelle M

Thank you again, Amal, for helping us to reconnect with our inner power and to radiate in this way. I feel so different, settled, soothed, complete, fully in my place. I no longer perceive myself and my surroundings in the same way. I feel calmer and more at peace. My voice is different, as is the way I express myself. I no longer feel restless. I feel serenity and an infinite possibility to exist and create. My inner focus is on what is positive, constructive and nourishing for me. Everything else seems illusory and pointless. I know that anything is possible, and that I'm supported if need be. I trust myself that I can ask for help when I need it.

And all this fills me with joy. Thank you for this. Thank you. Thank you so much. So happy we all found each other again. Thank you for being who you are.

Isabelle T

A unique experience. It's been a week since I received my Sekhem session. I will not go into details here, but Amal has literally achieved the impossible for me. I am experiencing a real rebirth with my inner self. She brought me a strength and a well-being that had either left me or perhaps never really settled. I'm glad that our paths have crossed.

Anna P

What a session!!! I'm still touched. You were my guide and what a guide!!! This journey made in your company has shaken me. It's a huge upheaval. I am "elsewhere" and at the same time so receptive in my earthly life. My senses are exarcerbated, I am lucid as I have never been!! My nights are very agitated, I'm connected. A flood of images and messages. Answers to my questions. Everything is going so fast! I listen to the recording every day. Hot flashes are less present. I'm full of energy. My hands are even more full of energy. They're always tingling! I want to thank you sincerely. I had to come to you and I am infinitely happy with this meeting!


Marie & Juliette

I participated in the QuantEssence training with Amal in March 2022… I did more than a training,… I lived an extraordinary and precious adventure. I was touched by Amal's authenticity, vulnerability and simplicity. Sharing her knowledge in such a natural and spontaneous way. Her generosity, her big heart, her love. I was surprised by her confidence in us, which was a precious gift for me. Not to mention the group of people with the same qualities with which we form the Quantum Heart. That's wonderful. Immense gratitude to you Amal who allows Love to exist, to incarnate and to be shared.

QuantEssence training is not just a training, it's a gathering of one family!
My dream has always been to live our truth on Earth, to live together, brothers and sisters, in harmony, as one within ourselves and with our beautiful planet and the Universe.
Thanks to QuantEssence, this dream is becoming a reality by enabling pure-hearted people to come together and create harmonious relationships based on love, sharing and the energy of the New Earth.
What a joy to live this!

About me

I am a former environmental health specialist, and for the past 9 years, I've been a certified practitioner of:

From an early age, I've been aware of the spiritual dimension, and part of the spiritual and universal knowledge of my inner being has remained intact in my conscious mind (read more in the Blog).


Fan of Dolores Cannon since the age of 12, I had the opportunity in 2014 to attend her last class and to be trained by her in Arkansas, USA. 


I am passionate about these practices that allow a constant development (or remembering) of universal knowledge, in addition to, a large expansion of consciousness and an opening of the heart at the human level!

Practicing on a full-time basis, helped me strengthen my extrasensory perceptions, refine my ability to help and guide others, and create and teach my own method of quantum and energy healing, QuantEssence.

I practice in French, English and Lebanese.

Hypnose Quantique Dolores Cannon

My journey (in French)

Interview on The New Earth and The Waves of Volunteers (in French)

Messages from sessions (in French): A new world, a new consciousness... Already here!

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