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Yin - Yang

Chinese legend teaches that Yin and Yang developed from the same disarray that created the universe.

It is believed that elements united, allowing Yin and Yang to form the center of the Earth. The birth of the gods and the first human arose when Yin and Yang achieved harmonious balance.

Yin and Yang are not complete opposites. In fact, it is important that each side has a little bit of the other in it. Every force contains a “seed” of its opposing force.

It’s about accepting life’s contrasts and learning to see the good, and the bad, in everything.

Yin depicts a feminine force travelling inward, is right brain dominant, and is associated with cold, darkness, winter, night, and the moon. Yin depicts intelligence, intuition, creativity, calm, perseverance, and timidity. Yin is introverted, late, makes decisions from the heart, and shows imagination.

Yang represents a masculine force travelling outward, is left brain dominant, and is associated with heat, sunlight, summer, and daytime. Yang is extraverted, goal directed, adventurous, and displays courage and determination. Yang is reasonable, methodical, controlled, and linear in thinking.

According to Chinese mythology, Yin and Yang continue to exist in harmony at the center of the Earth. We will soon discover that this same harmony and balance is present in many healthy loving relationships within ourselves and with others.

This balance is what leads us to wholeness, to alignment with our Creator Self and to blissfulness!

QuantEssence helps reestablish this masculine-feminine energy balance.


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