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Why QuantEssence is not hypnosis

Significant changes in brain plasticity have been observed following alpha brainwave focalisation or natural trance.

Deep alpha or long inner focalisation actually permits the connection with the subconscious mind and multidimensional travel (of the soul).

Gamma wavelength (40 Hz beat), on the other hand, permits connection with the Superconscious mind. Physically, it enhances the frontal lobe of the brain which is, in part, the antenna of abstract thoughts or claircognizance. It allows you to consciously receive inner wisdom, so it's intuitive wisdom (of Spirit).

During a QuantEssence session, consultants alternate between both wavelengths.

The Supra consciousness is a very awakened state which is contrary to what we call hypnosis (meaning sleep).

So QuantEssence is not hypnosis. It actually helps us come out of earthly hypnosis and experience the Supra consciousness.

Expanding consciousness should be done consciously, and not in hypnosis or deep trance, in order for it to have the right impact on the human consciousness and to be sustained in daily life.


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