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Who is the Creator?

"All that Is" is Energy / Spirit that can neither be created nor destroyed.

It is Energy's natural impulse to differentiate or transform itself that we call Creator. There is no other source.

People call this aspect "Consciousness", others call it "the Light", but that's not all that is, because the essence is the Energy, the life force.

A god is the trinity self which comprises its three facets; Energy (the mother)- Consciousness (the father)-Creation (the son).

Different levels of consciousness produce different forms of creation but the essence is the same, it’s Energy.

Intelligence is innate, it is in the very fabric of the universe.

When the highest beings (the gods/ the archangels) differentiate, they become the vehicles of this universal intelligence who through them the world is shaped. But this is not a creation out of nothing.

The root substance or the root of matter is Space, it’s Energy and it’s eternal. It is the homogeneous substance that some call chaos because it’s formless.

The Mother of the gods then is space. She is the state of nonbeing.

And the higher beings create starting from the spiritual levels to the material ones.


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