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What are past lives?

What we call past lives are not lives already done and gone. This belief usually gives a feeling of helplessness. It can also make us think that we have to solve something we did wrong and that we carry with us as a burden.

Past lives do not belong to the individual, but to the soul. Each individual is an aspect of the soul and can interact with other aspects in real time. So from a non-linear perspective, there is no reincarnation, there is only incarnation of the soul in different stories at the same time. Those incarnations are, for the present life, memories/imprints at the soul level.

These lives can also be considered as programs (sometimes archetypes), or software that are inserted into our avatar for the soul to discover what it is capable of having this background data in the present life.

At the human level, we call them subconscious memories. They can be dark memories or light memories.

When they are activated by the soul, they help the person to discover more of the possibilities of life. However, if the individual does not become aware of them, he may feel as if he stopped moving forward or is standing still.

When these stories are visited by the conscious mind, they become a guidance tool, a way for the soul to communicate the necessary information to the human being so that he or she can move on to the next step and discover more of their potential.

When the stories or memories are dark, they will help the conscious mind to make a better choice and to understand that it is free, and when they are light, they will help it to trust and integrate more of its abilities, thus both acting as tools for advancement.

An example of a dark memory would be the story of a woman who is abused by her man because she does not know her own worth and lacks self-love. This story should help the person understand that knowing her own worth will bring her respect and she will never be abused.

An example of a luminous memory would be the story of a person living in harmony with nature, with others and with herself, on some planet elsewhere. She is connected to everything and therefore has special gifts or abilities. This story is intended to communicate the message that that person can live in harmony with all and use his or her abilities in his or her present life.

Even though stories give us identities, we shouldn’t tie our existence to them. What is important for the soul is the experience, how the life is lived, how the power of creation is used.

Nothing exists except the present. The present is the point of power and the experience of the present life is the most important of all!


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