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We are not Alone!

The following is the story of Nancy. We decided to share it on my blog in order to help reassure those with similar experiences and to show the world that it is quite normal to have and live with extrasensory abilities and to be able to access other dimensions of existence.

The goal is also to encourage others to share their stories. Because as we open up and tell our stories to like-minded people, we feel less alone and we realize that we are numerous!

« I have always had the feeling of being a stranger in this world. When I was a child I used to look at my surroundings with a lot of astonishment… I remember the state of being as a baby, and the fears that it generated for me. I can say with certainty that it is not always fun! In particular, this fear of "the grown-up", my mother in this case seeming all-powerful in the face of the helpless infant that I was... Then spending years of having visions, revelations and "journeys"... very early practices of meditation etc… all alone in my corner without anyone to talk to about it... as well as, reminiscences of my previous lives, being medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant, practicing channeling, healing at a distance etc... It is impossible to talk about everything and this is not the goal at the present time.

Your post on Facebook was about the "angelic" dimension, so the following is one of my experiences related to this.

One day, wanting to travel in time, I go into Alpha state as usual and then through a passage, a bridge, and a landscape... This time I feel and see things more deeply, I feel so good... I arrive in a very beautiful, familiar landscape, in an extremely pure and scintillating light, when I see someone walking towards me; a magnificent being! My heart beats fast and tears come to my eyes… a man, very tall and naked man with kind of glittering sword on his side, bright eyes, no hair and… wings! I know who he is, the one I often see in my dreams, the one who has been with me for so long! We throw ourselves into each other's arms with a feeling of love that is indescribable and so much stronger than what we can have here on Earth!

We are so happy to see each other again, we take off in a magical aerial ballet, total fusion of love, and he tells me that he is taking me back for a walk home, flying (p.s. I "fly" a lot, especially in astral travels). We arrive at a wonderful city as if made of crystals with magnificent colors, everything here is so "pure" and evolved… The time to leave each other arrives and my tears (in reality) keep flowing, my heart is so sad to have to leave the place, it reminds me of our origins called "Elohim" or "Angels", which is another dimension in reality... Our wings are voluntarily torn off for our life missions on Earth... I cry, I cry... this time the separation was difficult.

This is one of my "stories". He often comes back to guide me, especially when I want to go out of my body, which is very difficult for me these days, by the way... He told me recently that the time is coming for me to go out more easily and find him. Besides that, I had many other kinds of experiences! I think I should make a book out of it! lol

I open myself up to you like this because being myself a "fan" of Dolores Cannon; I know that you can listen to this kind of things without thinking that I am completely schizophrenic... I speak about this around me and with people familiar with all this, but how to put it? It frustrates me quite often because I have the feeling to have to go further in all this, and that my interlocutors are in general, in "request" mode rather than "answering" one. I feel quite alone in this universe. »

I have personally had a similar experience and often work with people who are aware of their multidimensional nature.

What Nancy is describing is something normal which speaks of our true innate nature.

It is true that it is not easy to share with others especially when we can access deeper layers of existence. But one thing I have learned is that the more we accept this reality and accept our life on Earth, for what it is - because we love this planet and we see the richness of the earthly experience - the more we become grounded and our abilities to access the invisible world and help others realize that, become strong and efficient. After all, we operate in this way to set an example; a model of our potential. So don't expect those who are not yet aware of their true nature to understand you or to give you answers, it’s quite the opposite.

Having extrasensory perceptions is about functioning based on our spiritual nature, and this will become more and more common in the years that follow…

If you have a similar story that you would like to share to help others learn more about these "unknown" experiences and realities, you can contact me and I’ll be glad to post it in this blog.

And if you would like to master your extrasensory abilities and help others in a professional way, I propose my Starseed workshop and QuantEssence training (in French only, for now).


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