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The Emotional Body

The emotional body is an internal monitor for the personality and psychic system. It is sometimes called the astral body because it is related to the psyche.

It works closely with the mental body as a translator of thoughts and beliefs and as a bridge and link between the mental and physical bodies.

Since it’s related to the mind and psyche, it’s also the way to allow the soul, which is the higher body or supérieur ego that permits the expression of spirit and wisdom, to reach the body and the personality.

For instance, if someone is cut from his emotions, he will find it difficult to consciously connect to his soul. And if someone is too emotional will not be able to listen to the inner wisdom.

So to have a spiritual alignment, one must reconnect with his emotions and then balance them out. Balance is key.

However, emotions are not to be confused with spiritual states. A spirit does not have an emotion, it is bliss and wholeness, it is love. Love is a state of being, the state of connectedness and unity with All that Is.

But emotions are an important tool for the soul in the human experience.

In general, when we are spiritually aligned:

  • We feel safe

  • We have a sense of belonging

  • We are connected to others and to higher consciousness

  • We are grateful

  • We feel joy, contentment, or bliss

  • We feel at peace

When we are peaceful at the time of quitting the physical incarnation, we don’t even notice the astral realm, we only feel in Spirit.


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