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The Atom - the Trinity - the Self

I’ve always been fascinated by how nature holds all information, all knowledge that always leads us to our spiritual truth; the principle of correspondence.

My scientific side gets very excited when my cosmic mind make me live épiphanies about the spiritual nature of creation.

Science reveals aspects of the nature of reality that are not only physical but also spiritual because both are inseparable. It only takes a wider mind to see that.

I was shown a while ago that the Atom represents the 3rd logos, the third manifestation of the Absolute One and the basis of manifested creation. It’s called Atman or the One self.

An atom is a trinity where;

the neutron is the mother, which represents space, the essence of the absolute,

the proton is the father or consciousness, and the electron is the son, the messenger of the parents that interacts with other atoms (electrons and nuclei) to add information.

A photon (a particle of light) is released from an atom when electrons (the messengers) release energy by jumping to an inner orbital (the furthest orbit to the nucleus- the parents).

And when a photon then hits another atom, it pushes it to a higher excited energy level.

Doesn’t that tell a lot?

Light which is information of What is, or clarity / consciousness of What is, is generated through created distance away from the Source, between the electron and the nucleus; polarity. And this light then elevates creation.

So consciousness stems from a relation or relations to something. There’s no consciousness without relating.

That’s how manifestation and the logos come to existence.

The absolute, however, that which is beyond and encompasses the Source of creation, is the « unconditioned consciousness » where there is no manifested creation, no atoms. It is only be - ness.

When energy / spirit / space / the essence that is in “be - ness”, starts movement, starts becoming conscious, the first conditioned consciousness or logos comes to existence.

There’s no consciousness without creation and there’s no creation without consciousness.


By the way, we have seen a photo recently that shows how the quantum entanglement of photons demonstrates the principle of gender (yin/yang) and that is because, as mentioned above, light particles need both the mother and the father / the feminine and the masculine / space or energy, and consciousness or movement.


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