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Our inner family is a sacred trinity!

Just as our personal exterior world is a reflection of our inner world, our relationships with ourselves, with others and with the world are a reflection of our inner family state and dynamics.

One of the objectives of the QuantEssence trainings and sessions is to help the inner family; the feminine, the masculine and the child to be in harmony with each other, by listening to their stories, by letting each of them take their place and offer their best qualities in this life.

This will consequently have an impact on the dynamics of outer relationships and allow the person to live their life in harmony and use their potential without obstacles.

Our inner family is a sacred trinity and represents our essential structure.

Consulting it is a healthy habit to ensure our alignment to our best expression in the here and now.

In addition, we tend to think that we have parental and generational beliefs and memories within us because we were born into these families. However, it is more accurate to say that we choose these families because they hold vibrational frequencies that correspond to something in our makeup, something we came to learn.

People born into the same family, for example, do not necessarily have exactly the same beliefs because it depends on the predisposition of the person, what is already in their inner world.

The child of the inner family is dependent on his parents, on his adult counterparts.

Therefore, the deeper and quicker work to be done is to help the inner masculine and feminine to integrate the different roles they play and their different experiences, to transform their beliefs and get the necessary guidance.

So it is not the child that we need to help first, but their parents, the adults!

When the sacred masculine and feminine each take their place as responsible adults and are able to use their infinite and divine potential, the inner child feels good, safe and returns to its natural state of connection to its divinity, to joy and magic, because its needs are met by the two forces of its basic structure.

Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world!


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