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Magical sessions- contact with Light beings!

Lately I’ve been called to work more and more with energy healing and light codes transmissions. I was told that would help attain healing and transformation in a faster way.

Since then magical things are happening during sessions, specifically Sekhem hands-on healing. Clients get to experience physical connections or contact with Light beings and access their multidimensional selves, in addition to, feeling the energy for the very first time and receiving healing for spiritual alignment.

All of that happens in a very short time with no effort done, no conscious communication during the session, only with the powerful energy of unconditional love and light codes (which is an additional part to Sekhem modality).

Simply amazing sessions that show the evolution and acceleration of the awakening process!

So far, the sessions included Angelic beings and ETs who physically appeared to connect with clients and share the love! Even though no communication is happening between the client and I during the session, we both get to see and feel exactly the same details! Just mind blowing!


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